Edward Buria
Famine in Kenya

I would like to draw your attention as dear friends on mission together of a severe drought/famine in Kenya that has been with us throughout this year & which we have been helping our people through our local arrangements. The last few months, the problem has since escalated into a national crisis affecting over 11 counties countrywide (almost 25%) & millions of Kenyans having to be kept alive through relief supplies.

In mid September after visiting some of the badly affected areas & families (with relief supplies) among the worst hit areas, it has become evident to us that we are dealing with a situation that is quite grave & larger than our internal resources can handle. I have been in touch with Steve T about the situation we are facing & we are in agreement that the situation will require assistance from our larger Newfrontiers family to mitigate the scale of the impact of the crisis on the people we are currently targeting through the ongoing intervention

Some of the sad news experiences we have encountered as we continue to reach out with the various interventions;
1. We have come across people who have been forced to kill dogs & eat for lack of anything else edible to remain alive.
2. Many families have been forced to separate as husbands & wives leave their homes in search of food & employment in the urban areas.
3. A number of our churches have seen their membership drop drastically.
4. As we travel deep in some of the affected areas, we have come across the carcasses of animals that have died for lack of vegetation & water.
5. Some of our water projects ie concrete dams & pan dams have dried up.

Our interventions
1. Include giving of hope through assuring the people that God will send rains in October.
2. Supplies of relief food to the targeted.
3. In a few places we have given massive water tanks to help the affected in harvesting water once rains arrive.
4. Two of our concrete dams will require to be repaired & increasing their water capacity. We will therefore embark in a major rehabilitation & increasing of water capacity for both (man made lakes) in the next 8 weeks or so.

We are currently supplying relief supplies to around 340 families after every fortnight. The relief supplies include Maize or/and Maize floor, Beans, Drinking water, cooking fat and Unimix which is a food formula for children that is very rich in vitamins and minerals. We hope to keep this going on until end of November/early December when we hope that things will have normalised with the arrival of rains in mid October.

The appeal we are making is to help us with our fortnight budgets for the next 3 1/2 months and a budget that will help us in rehabilitating the two dams which have been a massive blessing in harvesting rain water that supplies water to thousands of people & their livestock for months. The budget for relief supplies is £18,000 & an extra £5,000 for the repairs of the two concrete dams. The water harvested in the two dams can go on supplying water to thousands of people & their livestock for many months.

I hope this information helps in seeing the magnitude of the crisis at hand, our mitigation efforts and the need at hand before rains arrive. We will so much appreciate your continued prayers and any practical assistance you can give in meeting this need.

God bless you,

With much love in Jesus