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The Work of Our Hands Book

Nick Priggis who leads Hope Church Shrewsbury has recently released a book entitled 'Establish the work of our Hands: Work, Enterprise and God's mission'.

From the back cover:
Our working life is central to our identity and our purpose as people made in the image of God. Seeing work as God intended releases His design for creativity, relationships and service for Him and for our world. Work and mission go hand in hand as demonstrated biblically through the Apostle Paul and subsequently through the Quakers, Moravians and Basel City Missionaries. Through these hisotrical examples as well as contemporary case studies, Establish the Work of Our Hands, by Nick Priggis provides a persuasive arguement to rethink the relationship between work, enterprise and God's mission. 

Nick lives in Shrewsbury with his wife Tracey and has four children. Prior to helping lead Hope Church, Nick worked in international development for many years. He also helps lead the charity Hope Initiatives as well as other social enterprises.

To buy a copy click here.

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