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We Need To Talk About Race

By Ben Lindsay

From the UK church's complicity in the transatlantic slave trade to the whitewashing of Christianity throughout history, the church has a lot to answer for when it comes to race relations. Christianity has been dubbed the white man's religion, and yet the Bible speaks of an impartial God and contains a diverse body of believers.

It's time for the church to start talking about race.

In this book, Ben Lindsay offers eye-opening insights into the black religious experience, challenging the perceived 'status quo' in white majority churches. Filled with personal experience and insightful questions, this book offers a comprehensive analysis of race relations within the UK church and how we can work towards creating a truly inclusive church community.


Ben Lindsay's book is a must-read for the UK church. He is lucid, punchy and deeply honest about the issue of racism in the UK today, and in the UK church. It is my prayer that we heed this call and respond together to the mandate to challenge discrimination in all its forms. Author: Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

This is one of the most important books to be written in recent years and is essential reading for every Christian and especially every church leader in the UK. Ben puts on speakerphone the voices of people of colour which are often whispered or silent and invites us to listen. Author: Selina Stone, Lecturer in Political Theology, St Mellitus College

Thoughtful and well considered, Ben Lindsay tackles the space where race, religion, and culture intersect, in a book that is both insightful and relatable at once. Author: Chimene Suleyman, The Good Immigrant USA co-editor, The Good Immigrant contributor

Too often Christians have assumed that being colour blind is the best way to approach race and ethnicity in the church. Ben Lindsay's compelling book opens our eyes to this naivety and challenges us to be willing to have a more serious conversation. At this critical moment in our national life where race, immigration and the UK's relationship with the world is being negotiated, this important and timely book needs to be read, discussed and acted upon. Author: Dr Krish Kandiah: Founding Director: Home for Good, author of God is Stranger

Ben Lindsay's book is a fascinating eye-opener around history and representation in the church. Ben shines a light on the struggle with being a black Christian and being black in a majority white church with sensitivity, fact and practical strategies to bring churches into the modern day conversation. A must read. Author: Jasmine Dotiwala, Head of Youth Engagement, Media Trust

Ben Lindsay challenges Christians racialised as white to consider the legacies of white privilege in the contemporary church. Serious engagement with the contents of the book demand radical action in the composition of leadership, persistent Christian anti-racist practice, and exorcism from the demon of 'colour blindness.' Author: Robert Beckford, Professor of Theology, Canterbury Christ Church University.

I am a black British born man and not only does Ben articulate the subject which is so personal to me, he is also fearless and faces it head on in this book by stating the obvious issues around race, colour and matters that are big in the wider church. Author: Noel Robinson, Musician and Worship Leader

This book should be read by all in senior leadership and those involved in theological education. Until this issue is addressed head on in the church and young black people are able to see visible images of themselves in senior leadership within the church, then the church's mission will be seriously damaged and impeded. I will be telling lots of people about this book as it is more than an excellent read - it is geared for action. Author: The Revd Prebendary Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons

Delivered with a perfect balance of truth and grace, this book will open the eyes of many. As a young black man navigating in a predominantly white world, this book is a timely weapon of wisdom and a game-changer. Author: Guvna B, rap artist and author of Unpopular Culture

Ben Lindsay says we need to talk about race, and he's right. Through an impressive synthesis of Scripture, history, literature, pop culture, sociology and personal narrative, Ben invites us to have a much-needed conversation, and gives us a host of resources to help us. Provocative, frank and often challenging, this is also a pastoral and very human book, with insights to consider on virtually every page. Author: Andrew Wilson, Teaching Pastor, King's Church London

You can buy a copy here.

First published in November 2019

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