A Deepening Crisis

The work of tackling poverty in our communities is a constant and growing issue which will face churches in the United Kingdom and in other nations. 

In the UK Jubilee+ is producing resources which will help churches tackle this issue. At their recent annual conference they released a resource called 'A deepening crisis?' which will help churches prepare for the increasing poverty and shortages we believe God has told us to expect in our nation. 

We are called to fix our eyes on Jesus not our circumstances - Jesus launched his ministry on the basis that he had come to bring good news to the poor (Luke 4:17-21). Many commentators believe that the most vulnerable will face even tougher times ahead and we don't need to wait for these things to start to happen but start to take action now. 

This new resource looks at how Christians, churches and activists can prepare for what we believe, both prophetically and politically, is going to be a deepening crisis in the UK. 

You can download it here, or contact Jubilee+ to request hard copies for your church, network or event.