Sam and Abi Little
Cambodia Update - Feb 2020

Our family arrived to the heat and the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh on 30 December 2019. After spending the first week as tourists enjoying our new surroundings and getting our bearings, normal life soon began as our two daughters started at their Christian international school where they are surrounded by classmates and teachers from North America, Asia, and Australasia. Sam also started his job teaching English, and Abi has began her Khmer lessons as well as helping to settle the children into their school routine. We have also been along to Liberty Family Church, where we've loved singing worship songs in both English and Khmer and hearing sermons by our Cambodia leaders that are translated for the westerners!

There is much to be grateful for - we have all remained in good health, we've met some wonderful people, and are beginning to understand how life in Phnom Penh works. Most importantly, the children are settling in very well at school and have also made some lovely friends in our neighbourhood.  Phnom Penh continues to fascinate us and even when things have been hard - such as not having any power on the middle floor of our house for 5 days, or something simple like not knowing how to add credit to our mobiles - people have been very generous in coming to help us.

We also had a meeting recently with the charity we hope to work for here in Cambodia, and it seems that their plans to set up a project helping children across the country are heading in the right direction. We are ready to take up roles with them as and when they are available! In the meantime, we take life one day at a time and trust that God will show us the way and help us with whatever comes our way.

We appreciate very much the encouragement and prayers of people back home.
God bless
The Little family

Prayer Pointers
We'd be really grateful if you can pray for the following:
* continued good health
* that the girls keep making new friends and settle into school well
* that the doors open for us to work with the charity that we are hoping to be involved with