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Devoted Special Guest - Lou Fellingham

Lou Fellingham

Lou FellinghamLou served as lead singer of Phatfish for almost two decades - during which time they recorded eight albums, toured extensively throughout the UK, Canada and America and became an integral part of the worship team at the Stoneleigh Bible weeks. Lou has also made several appearances on the BBC's 'Songs of Praise'.

Now concentrating on her solo material, Lou has several albums to her name, including Treasure, Promised Land and Step into the Light. She's currently working on a number of new songs which she has been demoing at various live gigs in recent months.

2014 saw the release of Fascinate, Lou’s fourth solo album, written and recorded after the family returned from a sixth-month working sabbatical in South Africa, featuring new ‘radio-friendly pop’ worship songs. You can watch the story behind the album below!