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Racism & The Church

We wanted to begin to gather a resource together of teaching and book resources, which will help both church leaders and Christians tackle the issue of racism both in their own personal lives but also as a church community. We firmly believe that by the power of the Spirit, through the Gospel of Jesus, we are all now one (Ephesians 2), but also that through God's ongoing purpose of a new humanity we are also all different (Revelation 7) and that this different new humanity is designed to be played out in and through God's family The Church. 

However, working out how to build a community like this, can be tough, just like in any other family, relationships are fraught with danger! This path of a one but different Holy community can be messy, slow, chaotic and there is huge potential for tension, for friction. Churches though are God's plan A, where all of this is worked out in togetherness, joyfulness, persevereance, humility, word and spirit all intertwined. These qualities are required for all in our communities not just those of us who have felt on the receiving end of racism but also those who have never considered that their actions may be percieved as prejudiced. 

Therefore building this type of community is a priority in the church, keeping it on the table all the time, not seeing it as a problem to address, but an opportunity to progress, is of paramount importance and one of the greatest thrills of leadership. 


Audio & Video
You will find teaching on our media page which includes audio & video versions, these are also avialable on our YouTube Channel.

The Multicoloured Church - by Raj Saha | Read MoreWatchListen 

The Reconciled Church - by Owen Hylton & Angela Kemm | Watch  | Listen


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