Ginny Burgin and Andy Robinson
Dreams & Visions

There is much talk at the moment on the subject of Dreams & Visions especially due to some high profile videos doing the rounds on social media. In recent months there seems to have been an increase in these videos especially those predicting doom, gloom and the end of days! Presumably this is due to the current global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Andy Robinson (Lifespring Church, Horsham) and Ginny Burgin (City Church, Sheffield) recently recorded a discussion on these themes. Andy & Ginny are both part of the ChristCentral Apostolic team and one of the things which they love to do as a team is to gather and discuss a wide range of subjects.  Recently Ginny was asked a question about a particular video which had been making waves and her answer was so helpful that the team felt they should sit down and record something to share with a wider audience. 

One of the most popular questions in recent months has been how do we discern between wars, rumours of wars and visions / dreams / words which are genuinely prophetic? In this discussion Ginny & Andy look at how, in particular, we can interpret DREAMS? How can we tell the difference between a dream which is the result of us processing our day and the things we have encountered, the food we ate the night before or the Holy Spirit speaking into our spirit in pictures and images as we sleep? 

In this interview Ginny & Andy don’t discuss a particular dream, prophetic word or video but simply try to draw out some wise principles and understanding which we can apply for ourselves in the future regarding dreams we have and those which others recount to us. One thing that Ginny & Andy sought to make clear from the outset was that it is important we are careful how we comment about things brought by others who we aren’t in relationship with, especially where these things are shared on the internet. 

We hope you find this discussion helpful!

This video premiers on our YouTube channel at 10am (BST) on Friday 07 August 2020