Special Guests - Tope Koleoso

Tope Koleoso

Tope Koleoso is married to Kemi and they have two teenage children. Tope is lead pastor of Jubilee Church London and Kemi is heavily involved in leading the church's Youth Work. Through a God-given vision, Kemi founded the Courage Conference and out of the conference the Courageous Sister’s Project was formed, an initiative that seeks to restore dignity to women across the world.

Jubilee Church London is a multicultural church with over seventy nationalities represented across three sites in Enfield, Wood Green & Ilford. Tope moved to Enfield to help plant Jubilee in 1995 and became lead pastor in 2004 where he is responsible for the preaching and strategic vision of the church.

Tope is involved in supporting Newfrontiers churches & others both nationally and internationally, as well as supporting various church plants. He is a regular conference speaker and has co-authored a book "Hope Reborn - how to become a Christian and Live for Jesus".

We are really grateful that Tope is joining us once again at Devoted 2021, he was such an inspiring speaker when he joined us at Devoted 2016!

 What happened to George Floyd was racism. Racism is not a minor issue or a political issue - it is an injustice and unrighteousness issue and we need to speak up. If we are silent we are complicit...

Tope Koleoso on the death of George Floyd & Tackling Racism

 The question shouldn’t be ‘if’ you have a platform, the question should be ‘how’ will you use it?

Tope Koleoso How to make the most of your 'platform'