Ginny Burgin
Overpowering Nemo

God shapes and forms things out of nothing. He takes nothing to make something which brings glory to His name. Many of us come to Him as 'nobodies', nothing, with no identity - Nemo (Latin for 'no man' or 'nobody') - and many of us struggle to overcome in areas like depression, negative thinking and the difficulty in seeing ourselves as having a voice in any positive way. But God is about calling, shaping, and forming a body which will ultimately become His glorious bride, His Church, bringing glory to His name. We are not meant to remain 'nobodies' but by His grace we are to overpower that which is of the 'old self ' and rise up to become part of that glorious Church and to give us a voice to speak to this chaotic world. Ginny has written Overpowering Nemo to provoke you to trust God for His supernatural intervention in your life, to overpower whatever is your Nemo and to enable you to become a voice that will be heard.

Publisher: Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd 
ISBN: 9781912863662 
Number of pages: 180 

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