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Martin Charlesworth Keynote from Jubilee+ Conference

Martin reviews the first ten years of Jubilee+ and gives a prophetic call for a greater social vision for the church, in his keynote speech from the Churches that Change Communities conference in November 2020.

Some Highlights from Martin's Talk:
In case you missed it, here's John Wesley's 12 point social vision for the church, as Martin shared in his session at #CTCC2020:
1. Reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.
2. Seek to ensure full employment.
3. Introduce measures to help the poorest, including a living wage.
4. Offer the best possible education.
5. Empower individuals to feel they can make a difference.
6. Promote tolerance.
7. Promote equal treatment of women.
8. Create a society based on values and not of profits and consumerism.
9. End all forms of enslavement.
10. Avoid engaging in wars.
11. Avoid narrow self-interest and promote a world view.
12. Care for the animals with whom we share our planet.

"We need a bigger social vision that reflects the heart of God and is closer to the ministry of Jesus on this earth." We can learn much of this from the early Methodist movement.

"The missing element is a radical social vision that prioritises the poor and marginalised as a central part of the mission of the church without abandoning any of the evangelical theology of conversion or the local church."

"Earlier this year I (Martin) felt God say 'this is the time'. The seven years (which may be literal or metaphorical) of famine start now. It is time to act on all we have been preparing for. And the tool is the local church - we can only do it through churches in areas of need."

"We were given a prophetic word a few years back that the UK was in a Genesis-like 7 years of plenty, and a '7 years of famine' was going to come. We have taken this seriously and have been trying to prepare."

"This is our 10th conference. We were formed off the back of the last financial crash, and now we are facing another, likely much bigger one."

One of the big news items which was shared at this years conference #ctcc2020 was that next year (2021) Martin will be stepping back into a more ambassadorial role, and Natalie Williams will be taking on the leadership of Jubilee+. We are very excited for this news and praying for the handover and for Natalie as she steps up into this role. Martin has led the Jubilee+ wonderfully for the past ten years, and we look forward to seeing how Natalie builds on that firm foundation in the years to come.

Please do pray for Natalie as she takes on this important role that God would guide her, and her team into the prophetic future that he has for them. 

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