David Fellingham
The Unveiling

In The Unveiling - David Fellingham contends that the Book of Revelation draws the prophetic purposes of God together, with over five hundred allusions from other parts of the Bible and it is the Bible itself which interprets this amazing book, not world events. However, we can understand the events that are happening in our world through the prophetic lens of Revelation, and as we do that, we can grow in our faith that even with such devastating events like wars, natural disasters and pandemics, God is totally in control. He has an unfolding plan. As we Christians cooperate with King Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit, we will see the Father’s plan fulfilled.

The Unveiling, brings a perspective to answer to the many questions David has been asked during over 40 years as a Christian leader. His answers are not speculative, but firmly rooted in Scripture. He admits thats he does not have the answer for every detail, and accepts there will be other opinions and views, but whatever view we may hold the certain fact is, Jesus is coming again. The ‘last days’ is the whole period between the resurrection and the Second Coming of Christ. The gospel of the kingdom will reach every nation. The church is the highest priority on God’s agenda. Before Jesus returns there will be a powerful church, alive in the Holy Spirit, consisting of people from every tribe, tongue and nation.

"With nearly fifty years of ministry behind him, David Fellingham is well known as a Bible teacher, conference speaker, worship leader, songwriter and author. He has a passion for revival, and for churches to be alive in both Word and Spirit. His latest book, The Unveiling, shows how Revelation is relevant to our contemporary world, the church and our personal lives, as it explores such themes as worship, spiritual warfare, and our eternal destiny." R.T. Kendall, Pastor Westminster Chapel 1977–2002

About David
David and Rosie Fellingham are heavily involved in their local church in Horsham. They have two sons Nathan and Luke who were part of the band Phatfish. Dave is a well known musician, song writer and worship leader. He has a broad spectrum of musical interest, and has encouraged orchestral music in worship, as well as playing a mean jazz trumpet himself! He has also tutored and encouraged many young musicians, and has been involved in many worship conferences around the world. Music is not his only ministry. Dave is also a gifted and prophetic preacher and teacher. His international ministry focuses on Canada among the many countries he visits. 

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Reviews (from amazon.com)
A hope-filled reassuring read 
This  commentary on the book of Revelation is written from the heartfelt passionate desire of a worship leader to see the world united in worshipping its Creator God. It is a book filled with hope, that this will be the ultimate outcome for planet earth. Dave does not shy away from the challenging and scary passages, instead he directs us to read them in context and debunks some of the symbolism we may have taken too literally.  He gives the best interpretation of the number 666 that I have heard. Completed during the current pandemic and interlaced with personal stories of God at work, Dave distinguishes between mysteries and certainties. We are left in no doubt that God is still in control and that Jesus' return will be glorious. A Longhurst

Thoughtful, Reflective, Uplifting 
A journey through the chapters of Revelation – thoughtful, reflective and uplifting. Christ is kept central to the discussion, the Church is seen as she should be - His glorified body, and we sing along with the worship Dave intersperses among the insights. Helpful reflections on the current Coronavirus pandemic links in to our daily lives. As the penultimate sentence in the book declares, ‘it is time for the Church to arise and shine.’ Our understanding of Revelation from these pages will help us to do so. R Turner

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