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ChristCentral Leaders Online - Review - January 2021

We had an excellent time together today at our first ChristCentral leaders online in 2021, with leaders from across Africa, North America, Europe and Asia. 

As has been our habit since we started these online gatherings, we kicked off our time together with worship. This was wonderfully led by David Keeping from Grace Church Stoke. We sung a number of songs including ‘In Every Circumstance of Life’ written by our very own David Fellingham who would later speak about his new book. 

ChristCentral - West Africa

West Africa

Next we were privileged to hear from Michael Akotia about gospel advance in West Africa, with updates from a number of the churches we are working with in that area of the world, including our friends from Benin who were with us on the call. We were then able to pray together for advance in that area of the world. 

The Unveiling - Book by David Devenish

The Unveiling

Following on from this we had the privilege of hearing some background around the writing of a new book by David Fellingham called ‘The Unveiling which looks at the book of Revelation. 

David had been asked to lead a home-group at his local church on the subject and the idea for the book grew out of his studies and preparation for these sessions which ended up being presented to a far wider audience than he had originally intended.

The overarching theme really is that God is totally in control and he has an unfolding plan and that as we cooperate we will see the father’s plan being fulfilled. There are many speculative prophecies, articles, preaches and teaching, claiming all kinds of interpretations of the current situation and the meanings behind the teaching in Revelation. You can find out more about the book and order a copy here

Book Launch - Wednesday 3rd February 3pm

Lifespring Church (David’s home church) are hosting the book launch of David’s book, with guest speakers including David Devenish, David Holden, Dr David Campbell, Jeremy Simpkins, with a time of worship led by Lou Fellingham. This will be hosted by Andy Robinson who leads the team at Lifespring. You can join this on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/RkdikyOMCJk 

Following this brief introduction to the themes in the book David encouraged us that one of the most important things we should pray for in response to the book of Revelation is for revival to come upon the church and upon the nations we represent.

We then shared some updates about upcoming events.

ChristCentral Leaders Online - 17 March 2021 - 2pm (UK Time)

In a change to our previous schedule our next ChristCentral leaders online will be in March and we’re looking forward to having Terry Virgo with us. We’ve asked Terry to share some teaching with us and then lead us into a time of prayer together. Please consider who you could invite over an above who would normally join us as we believe this will be a significant time together. Booking coming soon...

Devoted Online

As we have mentioned before we feel God speaking to us about continuing to act with eyes of faith; that we don’t walk by sight, but we walk by faith. In the light of this, the team felt that it was right to hold Devoted 2021 as an online only event in 2021, you can read more about the reasoning behind that here

We are still working through what the schedule might look like but we’d encourage you to keep the dates clear and be prepared for 3-4 meetings, as well as content for Children & Young People. We’re excited by the opportunity for times of equipping, for people to hear more from our team and other speakers. We’re also thrilled that Natalie Williams will be speaking on the subject of care for the poor. This year Natalie will be taking on the team leader role of Jubilee+ from Martin Charlesworth who will take on more of an ambassadorial role.

Prayer for USA

In a break from the schedule Jeremy asked Lee Yarbrough (based in Mexico), who is part of the ChristCentral team to pray for the USA and our brothers and sisters across that land. It can be so glibly said, ‘God Bless America’ but the sense that at this time America really does need the blessing of God upon it and for revival to sweep the land. 

Prophetic Encouragement

As we closed Jeremy and Ann shared about a voicemail from a friend which they received just before our meeting. They wanted to encourage Jeremy & Ann as he knew that for them this season has been hard due to their passion fo visiting and spending time encouraging, family, friends, churches and church leaders across the globe. Their real passion is working with people in many different locations, encouraging and interacting with people face to face. 

He felt to share with them that God says to lift your eyes, lift your eyes from your situation not onto the hope of a vaccine or a return to a more normal global climate but to the hope of the Glory of God, filling the whole earth! He was speaking from Eastbourne beach and you could hear the sound of the water as he was speaking. 

Jeremy and Ann encouraged us all to life our gaze. We’re grateful for the hard work of the scientific community in creating vaccines and other treatments but we’re not placing our hope in them, we’re looking to the hope of the knowledge of the glory of God filling the whole earth. 

So Jeremy closed our time in prayer asking God that as the waters cover the sea that His glory would fill this planet, that God would give us hope for revival, of seeing Jesus in all His glory, power and honour. We cried out once again for workers to go into the harvest field and bring good news across the whole earth.

It was fantastic to be able to gather together once again, to be able to encourage one another, pray together in one place even though we are separated by such vast distances, we were together in prayer for our churches and for God to bring revival to our nations.

Don't miss our next time together on the 17 March 2021 as we gather to hear from Terry Virgo and pray together once more. It will be an excellent time together!