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During our recent ChristCentral Leaders Online prayer event (read more here) we had a wonderful update from Michael Akotia who oversees the work we are doing together in West Africa. We’ve put together a short film based upon the content which Michael was able to send through to us from church leaders in the region. Michael has been battling against the restrictions due to COVID-19. At the moment he is unable to travel outside of Ghana due to restrictions but he has been receiving encouraging reports about growth and God’s blessings from church leaders. 

Watch the video to hear from Michael and others he is working with in the region:

Please use these videos to fuel your prayer for the region. Some prayer points:
1. Prayer for the advancement of the gospel of God in the world.
2. Pray for the growth and maturity of the church plants. 
3. Pray for the spiritual covering for church leaders and their families
4. Pray for God's provision for the work of church planting - spiritual, human, physical, financial and informational resources.
5. Peace in the West Africa region and many parts of the world as we go through general elections.

Some of the videos included in the update have poor sound quality and are low resolution due to challenges with technology and internet access across the region.