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Devoted Special Guest - Lee Yarbrough

Lee Yarbrough

Lee and Stacey Yarbrough were sent to Mexico from Anchorage Alaska, in 1985. The have four boys; Ryan, Daniel, William, and Matthew.

"Our desire and vision is to see grace filled, Christ centered, vibrantly worshipping churches, planted and established throughout North, Central, and South America. Along with that, our vision is to see nationals equipped and trained to plant new churches, and provide strength and leadership to existing churches."

Currently there are 20+ churches in Mexico, varying in size and expression, in several of Mexico's big cities, as well as several churches in the indigenous areas of the Pame, and Otomi communities.

There is also a church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, as well as emerging works in Lima, Peru.

Believing and convinced of one of the prophetic words given to the Newfrontiers' Family of Churches, "we can do more together than apart," we are collaborating closely with ChristCentral, the apostolic team led by Jeremy Simpkins.

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