Kaleidoscope Newsletter - no.1

Seasons greetings!

/// Welcome to the VERY FIRST Kaleidoscope Newsletter! Here we hope to bring you inspiration, news and opportunities to see creativity flourish through our ChristCentral Churches ///

INTRODUCING: The Kaleidoscope Videocast
On the subject of firsts, you might have seen the launch of our videocast series in which I chatted to Dave Brown about improvisation, perfectionism and worship music. Future episodes will feature interviews with Christians engaged in all sorts of creativity.

Who would you like to hear from? Would you like the opportunity to share about your creative journey? Please get in touch with us!

We look forward to hearing from Ginny Burgin in an upcoming videocast about her new book ‘Overpowering Nemo’. Through it, Ginny stirs us to trust in God's powerful intervention to grow us into all the freedom and authority that He has for us.

Limited offer! If you are based in the UK you can order direct from City Church Sheffield at a discounted rate.

Beth Karp, who performed at Devoted last year, has released an EP of Christmas music. ‘Holy Night’ is available on streaming platforms today! CDs are also available directly from Beth.

Our videocast host and Kaleidoscope team member Dave Brown has also shared a new release with us! ‘Lungs Give Out’ is a collection of original gospel songs. Listen now on YouTube.

/// Don’t forget to share your creative projects with us (music, art, craft, writing, cookery, textile, dance, drama, film or anything else) on our Facebook group. As a community, we exist to encourage and support each other through all stages of the journey. If you haven't engaged yet (or for a long time), log in and post your first comment, we'd love to hear from you! ///

DANCING IN THE RAIN: Submissions still being accepted!
Our theme for the summer festival was ‘Dancing in the Rain’. If you haven’t seen the video yet, please do check it out! We’ve had a number of contributions of further artwork on the theme, and we’re planning an online gallery to share them. It’s not too late to submit artwork for the gallery! Create something that reflects ‘Dancing in the Rain’ and share it with us, either on the Facebook group, or directly by email.

The gallery will feature on our YouTube channel, so subscribe to avoid missing it!

God bless you,

Andy Lowe (on behalf of the Kaleidoscope team)