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Climate Leadership Training - Tearfund

Climate Leadership Training by Tearfund

Here's an opportunity for key members of your church to be equipped to lead responses to the climate crisis.  The course is run by Tearfund, for churches who are part of ChristCentral and runs for three weeks with a weekly 1.5 hour session.

17 May, 24 May, 7 June - 8-9.30pm On Zoom

What the course is all about?

We’re really excited to be gathering with others, to learn together about responding to the climate crisis in our churches. There will be plenty of time for us to share ideas and encourage one another.  

The three sessions are expected to be:

Session 1: The theology of creation care and the 'big gospel' story we're invited into, with Dr Ruth Valerio.

Session 2: Getting practical about how we can help lead our churches in responding to this, as part of our discipleship and worship.

Session 3: Considering the ways we can connect with our wider communities, and how we can influence politics too. 

ChristCentral has the opportunity to receive one of the first roll-outs of the course, probably during the Spring. Churches who want to be involved should send two (or more) representatives, with the aim of these people taking a lead, with support from the eldership team, in encouraging the rest of your church to respond to the growing environmental crisis which we face.

If you are interested in joining this course, please contact your church's senior leader. 

CreationCall - An apostolic initative of ChristCentral
This opportunity is part of the new apostolic initiative CreationCall. You can find more about CreationCall at christcentralchurches.org/creationcall/ or by emailing: creationcall@christcentralchurches.org  

 Jeremy SimpkinsI am very excited about CreationCall - a ChristCentral apostolic initiative - encouraging us all in our responsibility towards caring for the environment. At the very beginning of creation, God's commission was for us "to take care" of the earth and in so doing, bring His Kingdom reign to this truly beautiful planet! Even in a fallen world, we are daily to live this out and in so doing prophetically, look forward to the day when He will make all things new!.

Jeremy Simpkins, ChristCentral Team Leader