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Hosting with Hope at Home - Our Experience

Hope At Home

Transforming Liverpool for the Gospel is one of our key values at Jubilee Church Liverpool. That’s why we have been partnering with Hope at Home to host survivors of trafficking. 

Over the last year one of our families welcomed into their home a woman from a different culture and religion to themselves, offering her an opportunity to find hope and a future. 

Learning to trust is difficult for survivors of slavery, whose lives have been controlled by another person. This can be compounded by government bureaucracy as they wait for decisions to be made by the Home Office. Survivors still have no control over their fate! This lady was bowled over by the level of trust placed in her, as she cared for the home and pet whilst the family were away. 

Visiting Jubilee Church for our Christmas service, she was encouraged by how welcoming and friendly everyone was. She was interested in meeting people there of similar ethnic origins to herself. Members of our church supported the family by staying overnight in the house whilst the female member of the household was away from home, to help the guest feel more comfortable.

Although there were ups and downs, there was a real sense of being the hands and feet of Jesus: righting a wrong, showing compassion and unconditional love.

Hope at Home are looking for more hosts across the North West and have a zoom event on 22nd March for people interested in finding out more. To join the zoom event register here.

And you can find out more about Hope at Home on their website at

This article was written by Mary who is part of Jubilee Church Liverpool.