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Newsletter - April 2021

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Devoted Online 2021: 27-29 August 2021

Devoted 2021 will be online only once again this summer. Our plans for this years event are coming together well and we're excited about the diversity of the programming that we'll be able to put together to serve all ages.  

Main Speakers: 

Main Sessions: Friday evening, Saturday evening, Sunday morning 

Seminars: Saturday & Sunday afternoons 

Children's Sessions: Saturday & Sunday mornings 

Amplify Youth Session: Sunday evening 

We're still finalising all the details but we'll keep you up to date. For now please save the dates - 27th - 29th August 2021 and subscribe to our YouTube channel:

School of Leadership Plus

School of Leadership Plus

31st March - 1st April 2021

Final chance to book into this training on First Corinthians. In this vitally important NT letter Paul addresses key problems in the church in Corinth and at the same time formulates a way for the church to function well in a sexually liberal society filled with religious idolatry. Read more & book here.

Terry Virgo - ChristCentral Leaders Online Recording

Don't Grow Dull by Terry Virgo

Recordings of our recent Leadership Online

We're pleased to announce that the audio and video from our recent ChristCentral leaders online event is now available on our website, don't miss this excellent teaching. The video quality is lower than normal due to some bandwidth issues on the day. To watch and listen to Terry's talk click here

Climate Leadership Training


Climate Leadership Training with Tearfund

An opportunity for key members of your church to be equipped to lead church responses to the climate crisis. We're teaming up with Tearfund to deliver a brand new training course helping churches take a lead. The course will launch in Spring 2021. To find out more about this training and to book in click here

Training Update March 2021

Training Update

We recently sent out an update detailing upcoming training opportunities from ChristCentral. We believe that training is vital not only for local church leaders but for Christians who serve in every area of life. We have a wide variety of training courses available. You should have received this update already but if you missed it you can read more here.

Evangelism Forum

Evangelism Forum

Sunday - 09 May 2021 - 7.30pm to 9.3pm

The Evangelism Forum will serve as a support and training opportunity for those in our churches seeking to grow the local church through all forms of Evangelism. We'll share reports and updates and give an opportunity for discussion and prayer To find out more about this training and to book in click here