Anthony Harwood
Update from Zambia - Famine Response

I have had the privilege of distributing over 4.5 tons for this months food relief with the Newfrontiers Zambia team.

4 of the Newfrontiers teams co-operated together to make this possible and we were able to increase the support from 1/3rd of the UN recommended daily intake; to 2/3rds.

Last year rains were poor and the people were able to grow 8 months supply of food. This year due to the El Nino affect rains have been very poor and very late. Right now only churches are helping the community, no government or International agency is addressing this problem. So your sacrificial giving is making a real difference.

2 stories from the last month
I was talking to Pastor Webby at the School of Leadership and he told me that he and his family has eaten nothing at all for 2 days before the School and he said, "I don't know what they are eating whilst I am away".

One of our senior team is also a farmer in the Copperbelt where rains have been OK. I asked him how long this year's harvest will feed them in the south and he replied "1 month at the most".

I'm sure you have experienced the hungry grumps, and sometimes when dealing with people who are hungry we sometimes get a similar experience. In fact if you've ever fasted for any length of time you will also experience your brain slowing down and your motivation waning. I stood in these villages with a half full stomach, with no access to electricity, with a 32,000 volt cable overhead and a main road to Namibia with large trucks rumbling by and thought, "what is the answer?" I had a few thoughts but few were practical for a local villager to put into practice with a half empty tummy, limited resources and limited education. But Jesus taught in the parable of the talents that we should all use the resources that God has given us. Very poor hungry people can slip into thinking they have nothing. Jesus was tough on those who had very little, just 1 talent of money, and did not use it. We continue to encourage people to ask the question "what have I got" and to put what little they have to good use. 99% of us need encouragement from time to time. Some need a lot of encouragement.


If I spent weeks digging this field by hand like Webby and got a crop like this; I'd be very discouraged and be tempted to give up.

When we arrived at one village, the church were singing and playing drums in the best of African worship. At another we were met with dancing and at a third the Chief said, "what little we have, we want to be hospitable" and shared maize drink flavoured with roots. Tasty.


One church turned up with a bullock cart to transport the maize home. You might be looking at all the grass and wonder what is going on? In the last few days we've had storms in the area, but the rain has come too late for maize. It will stop raining in 6 weeks time and not rain for 6 months.

Vic Falls
And having delivered the maize we travelled back to Livingstone before our 12 hour drive home. I got up early and visited one of the 7 wonders of the world, Victoria Falls. Cost me £2. There is not much water - so I got a good pic rather ironic photo at sunrise.

Once again thank you for your partnership in the gospel. Today people are eating instead of having nothing at all because of your generosity.
Tony Harwood

On behalf of Bishop Steve Nawa Leader of the Southern and Western Province and the 6 churches who were hungry.
Stephen Nawa

Header image: Shever, Dry Riverbed
https://flic.kr/p/9mkSU CC BY 2.0