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Devoted LifeZones

We're really excited about our LifeZones this year with a new line up of subjects and some great speakers! We've also got plans for various other training tracks throughout the day, but more on those later!

Our LifeZones for 2016

Students & 20sStudents & 20s
If you’re a student, or in your 20s (or both!), you’re more than welcome to come to this Lifezone, where you’ll meet lots of other people. A practical LifeZone that will help you move forward in God, in your relationships and in your life!

Creativity & CultureCreativity & Culture
We are delighted to hosting a Creativity and Culture LifeZone this year! Here we hope to draw together people from across the creative arts, and those who’s desire/role is to take creative arts into our culture. More details to follow!

Graham PymanAndy RobinsonLife In The Spirit
Graham Pyman from Jubilee Church Derby will be hosting a practical, hands on, receiving the Holy Spirit, action packed LifeZone. If you want to experience more life in the Spirit and grow in the prophetic, this is definitely for you! Graham will be joined by a number of special guests including Andy & Hazel Robinson and some of the team from King’s Church Horsham.

Roger & Cheryl ByeMarriage
Following on from our Family LifeZone in 2015, Roger and Cheryl Bye and their team will look at what a Marriage is, how it works, how to improve it, how to build on what you already have. This will be an affirming LifeZone for those who are considering marriage, are married already, or want to support their friends who are married!

Alan RoseTitle TBC
Practical and applied Hermeneutics and exegisis, this will prove to be a great LifeZone for those looking for a fuller understanding of the Bible and apply it to their lives. More details soon...

Martin CharlesworthUnderstanding the World Around You
Martin Charlesworth looks at current topics from a Biblical World View, helping you to engage with the world around you from a Biblical standpoint.

The first price break for Devoted ends at midnight on the 31st March 2016. So get booked in now! For more information about the event please visit: