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Jeremy spoke at our recent ChristCentral Prayer Day in October 2021 about some of the things we feel stirred about in this new season we are entering, with particular reference to Devoted.

The headline news is that we don’t feel right to go ahead with Devoted 2022. In fact, we feel quite strongly that God has spoken to us clearly about not gathering for a Devoted festival in 2022.

The ChristCentral team and key stakeholders gathered in August 2021 to discuss and pray, asking God to guide us in our plans for 2022 and the years ahead, especially in regard to Devoted. In the video below, Jeremy shares the full story of how we feel God is very clearly leading us through the prophetic both before, during and after this meeting.

In summary, Devoted is a fantastic event, gathering our family of churches for wonderful times of worship, fellowship and teaching. This sort of event clearly fulfils our distinctive of Being Friends, Enjoying God together.

However, there is a sense that putting on a large scale event of this sort in this current season, would draw life and vibrancy away from our churches, at a time when we feel prophetically that we should be freshly supporting, invigorating and encouraging our churches both individually and in regions.

We’re not saying that a large scale Devoted Festival will not occur again in the future but at least for this season, God is calling us to lay down the large and to invest in the small, the simple and the fluid. This means that Devoted 2022 will not be happening.

Delegates - what about my booking for 2020/2021?
If you booked in for Devoted 2020 or 2021, we've detailed how you can gift your booking to ChristCentral or opt for a refund on our update page on the Devoted website. 

What else are you planning?
There are some other things that we feel God is leading us into next year, including a leaders conference and some regional events around the UK which we share about here. As always, you will be able to find all the details on our main ChristCentral website.

Update Video

This video was recorded at the ChristCentral Prayer Day in October 2021