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School of Leadership Review - Part 1

As part of my gap year, I have recently started the School of Leadership course. Martin Charlesworth is director of this two-year ChristCentral training course based in Sheffield (which can now be accessed both online and in-person). 
The School of Leadership covers a wide range of themes such as; Church History, Biblical theology, Ethics, Culture & Contextualisation, Church planting, Leadership foundations, Apologetics, 21st Century Church, Spiritual Warfare, and loads more.
Even though I am only two months in, I can see such a deepening and strengthening in my understanding of the Bible and who God is. Due to personal circumstances I’ve taken part both online and in person, and I have to say that both are equally great ways to do this course! You would think that being online might limit the chances to discuss and reflect on the themes being taught but actually this isn’t the case, you can still contribute and ask questions during the discussion times after the teaching sessions. 
So far we’ve looked at the early history of the people of Israel, the authority of the Bible and Hermeneutics (interpretation of the Bible). These topics have been life-changing, they’ve helped me understand more of the power and theology of the Bible, the context and history of the text and practical ways to help me interpret what the Bible is saying to any audience. 
I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the Bible, who God is and grow deeper in their personal calling and relationship with God. 
More about the writer: 
Ella is originally from Carlisle and is now an intern at Jubilee Church in Derby. She has just finished a two year college course in Art & Design, which she really enjoyed. She enjoys anything to do with creativity, long walks around the Lake District, being near the seaside and painting. As part of her time at Jubilee Church she’ll be involved with Creche and Youth work as well as helping in the office and working with the ChristCentral media and comms team.