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Ukraine Update

In the following video, Igor who leads the Triumphant Grace family of churches (part of ChristCentral & Newfrontiers) in Ukraine explains something of the current situation there. 

Prayer Points
Igor and the churches in Ukraine ask us to pray:

1. For peace in Ukraine - we love our country and we would like it to continue to exist. Ukraine has been a spiritual source for many of the former Soviet Union countries and has sent many missionaries across the region including to Russia and we would like this to continue

2. For Strength & Faith - if war breaks out, if the situation changes, we will need a lot of strong and faithful people who will continue to serve in these tough conditions. Faithful and strong people, who would carry on in this new situation - please pray for our people that God would strengthen them

As Igor says "we believe that the Kingdom of God can spread in all circumstances, and so we ask that you would join us in prayer. Together we can go through different and very hard times. We can do everything with God."

They send their love and are so grateful for our prayers, love, support and interest in the nation of Ukraine. 

Update Video