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God's Treasured Possession - Terry Virgo

Terry Virgo the founder of Newfrontiers recently wrote a book entitled "God's Treasured Possession - Walk in the Footsteps of Moses". In his most recent book Terry looks at Moses, a key character in the unfolding narrative of God's Kingdom. He is also a foundational leader of God's people in the Old Testament, and is written of as a hero and man of God in the New Testament, in spite of his flaws. Yet Moses didn't always believe what God said about him. Do you know how God sees you?

In this book Terry invites us to walk in Moses' footsteps so that by faith we can be ready for whatever life throws at us. 

Terry wrote this book so that it can be used as a devotional tool and the Big Church Read in partnership with IVP have put together a wonderful set of videos in which Terry unpacks some of the key themes of the book. There are also some helpful discussion starter questions connected to each video. 

This is an excellent tool for small groups or discussion groups who want to work through this book together. You can find this on The Big Church Read website.

Terry Writes:
As I present this book to you, I ask myself how have I benefitted from writing it? As I have lived with the story, I have found fresh courage in the face of perplexity and growing strength in refusing to yield to setbacks. I believe I have grown in my confidence in a covenant-keeping God and been amazed at His patience and kindness towards His wayward people.

His delight in Israel as His treasured possession defies our understanding. They continually failed Him with gross disloyalty, but He insisted on showing them covenant love and consistent kindness.

What also becomes obvious is that their ultimate success depended on a faithful mediator. Moses, as an intercessor, provided an extraordinary model of faithfulness and devotion. His determination to complete his task, see God glorified and stay true to God’s recalcitrant people is a stunning and stimulating example to all who are called to shepherd God’s people. But he especially reminds us of another magnificent mediator who stands before God incessantly on our behalf (Heb. 7:25).

But why did Paul write to an essentially Gentile church in Corinth reminding them of this tale of a Hebrew nation’s journey? He wanted them to comprehend that Israel’s story was actually their family story. Paul wrote to these Gentiles, “our fathers were all under the cloud and all passed through the sea. They were all baptised into Moses in the cloud and in the sea” (1 Cor. 10:1-2 my italics). Now that the Corinthians were in Christ, these Hebrews had become their forefathers. Ours too! (Gal. 3:29).

Every lesson they learned has something to teach us about God’s wonderful character. He has chosen to make himself known through dramatic stories rather than lists of divine attributes. You will find yourself in these chapters and I pray that you will find wisdom and strength for your journey into the inheritance God has planned for you.

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Reviews of the book:
Terry Virgo has spent a lifetime preaching through biblical stories and drawing out their significance for today, and it shows. In My Treasured Possession he opens up the life of Moses, the greatest of Old Testament figures, and his exposition is full of insight, application and pastoral wisdom. -- Andrew Wilson, Teaching Pastor, King's Church London

For years many have benefited from listening to Terry Virgo preach on the life of Moses. Now Terry has given a gift to us all; he has written down a lifetime of his insights and reflections on this servant of God which we can all benefit from. This wonderful book will encourage you, challenge you and draw you closer to God. You cannot fail to benefit from it as you read it, treasure it and take its message to heart. -- David Stroud, Senior Leader of Christ Church London and Co-founder of Everything Conference.

Reading this book by Terry Virgo will make you feel as if you are tasting honey. It flows from the clear mind and warm heart of one of God's most admired servants. If this is your first book of Terry's to read, you will soon see why this is so. Get prepared to be both challenged and encouraged from start to finish. -- Dr RT Kendall, former Minister of Westminster Chapel, London.

With a wealth of wisdom and rich biblical knowledge Terry Virgo brings fresh insights into well-known stories in a way that equips leaders and encourages all believers. This is God's word handled in a life giving way. -- Tope Koleoso, Pastor of Jubilee Church, London.