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Pastoral Training Day Review

Earlier this year as part of our Saturday Training Days, we hosted leaders and all those involved in some form of pastoral leadership for a day of training. We asked a number of people for their thoughts in response to the day. 

A Profitable Day
It was a profitable day. To me the foundational principles were the most helpful part as they gave the basis for effective biblical action. The practical aspects helped to put the work into perspective and show the importance of time management. Delegation was also stressed along with a "horses for courses" approach. The day was well worth the time spent. - John

Key Foundations & Lessons From The Journey
Very profitable! Principles to practicalities! Plenty of material to think about so the following are just a taster: 

Part 1: Key Foundations
: know your strength - prophetic, teaching or pastoral; don't underestimate the Sovereignty of God, the foolishness of man or the Grace of God; culture of grace; biblical teaching (seminars) on key issues.

Part 2: Lessons from the Journey: manage yourself and your time; use pastoral gifts to the max; share the load; build accountability; guard your devotional life; deploy prophetic prayer support;

Part 3: Pastoral Structures: expectations; one anothering; team; discipleship; being a pastoral community. -Elizabeth

One Anothering
The day was like a breath of fresh air, both presenters gave many life examples which made it real, and also the fact you can sometimes get it wrong! I was reminded of the importance of having a good team and regular meetings to encourage and build one another up.

One aspect I found so helpful was the concept of one anothering, and how powerful the church can be and a pastoral team can be. I found this brilliant - equipping us so that we can help others be equipped.

Another aspect I found helpful was going through the various scenarios, this was a great experience and teaching tool. The people from other parts of God's family where so welcoming, it was home from home I just felt a oneness. Great venue too. I could write more but would definitely recommend the day to those that didn't go and anyone in future. - Rob

Useful & Thought Provoking
Everyone we met on the course was very friendly, welcoming and open.
Martin Charlesworth - was easy to listen to and informative about spiritual perspectives, cultural challenges, and key foundations in pastoral care (authority of care, culture of grace, trust in leadership and biblical teaching on key issues). He gave examples from his own experience, emphasising the importance of defining boundaries, prophetic prayer support, using pastoral gifts effectively, sharing the load and ensuring our own refreshment.
Helen Hotchkiss - spoke about how this all can be implemented in a real life church setting. How there should be clearly defined expectations from leadership, pastoral care workers and the people receiving care. She spoke of the importance of "one anothering" and of using both time and team effectively. She helped us to understand the importance of having a clearly defined pastoral structure and the need for both a proactive and reactive approach. She also talked about the balance of confidentiality and safeguarding. Helen gave us the opportunity to do a practical exercise based on a real life scenario, helping us to identify who would be the best person to provide support. Everything about the course was useful and thought provoking and I would definitely recommend it to others. - Sally

An Honest Look At Pastoral Care
I found the day very useful and informative, for these reasons: an honest look at Pastoral care and some of the challenges, they have faced. Warts and all. The discussions were excellent, I particularly enjoyed our mini break out session. Useful insights into the nuts and bolts i.e. making sure you share the load and have a sense of humour! - Penny

A Good Day - Now To Put What We've Learned Into Practise
The day was a good mix of both theory and practical sessions. There was a clear structure to the day starting with what pastoral care is through to what it looks like including some good sound advice on structure and the importance of regular team communications. And finally looking at some case studies that helped put the theory into practice. A good day all round, now to be put into practise if our church are to benefit from the training. - Phill

We plan to host further Pastoral Training Days in the future, so if you missed out this time, want a refresher or have read the reviews and want to attend this training yourself, please do keep an eye out for details of upcoming dates! These will be announced via email and our social media feeds...