Steve Tibbert
Pray For Ukraine

Be still and know that I am God.’ – Psalm 46:10

I’m sure, like me, you have been watching events unfolding in Ukraine with a growing sense of unease. To wake up this morning to news that Russia has now launched a full-scale invasion was shocking.

Deb and I had the privilege of visiting Ukraine in April 2019. We spent time with dear friends and worshipped with brothers and sisters from churches we have relationship with. We also had the opportunity to walk around Kiev, a beautiful European city with a fascinating history. Seeing pictures on the news this morning of people seeking shelter in Kiev’s underground stations or fleeing the city by car was heart-breaking.

The developments of the past few days have shocked us all, and it is easy to feel helpless. But we put our faith and trust in a powerful, sovereign God, ‘who is over all and through all and in all’. Let’s respond to what’s happening with faith and in prayer.

Please pray:

• For our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, that they would know God’s peace and courage.
• For God’s protection upon the people and nation of Ukraine.
• For a de-escalation of the crisis and for a lasting peace to be brokered by those in positions of power and influence.



This post originally appeared on Steve's Blog, and is written by Steve Tibbert (who leads Kings Church London, and oversees the Newfrontiers Together Team).