Jeremy Simpkins
Ukraine Offering Update

Greetings to all our ChristCentral Churches.  I want to say a massive thank you to you all for your incredible response to the appeal that we put out for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. We have been overwhelmed by your generosity! 

If you haven't yet been able to take up an offering then we'd really encourage you to do that as soon as possible. All the information to help you do this is on our website  

Refugee Support
Another way in which you can help support Ukrainians is by hosting refugees. If you or your family are in the position to be able to consider hosting refugees then you can let us know by filling out a form on the Ukraine page on our website:

ChristCentral Annual Offering
Because of the huge response to this crisis and the money raised, because so many of our churches have been able to respond and take offerings towards the support of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters at this time we’re actually going to delay our annual ChristCentral offering. We’d normally take that up over the next few months but we’ve decided as a team to delay that for now.

We’re going to put that back into the autumn term and probably do that in October, so that we can raise the maximum amount of funding possible for the support of Ukrainians.

This offering will continue to further our support of works like those in Ukraine, like works in Ghana, Zambia, Mexico, the Middle East, and emerging works across the world but it’s right that we delay that for now as we stand with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Update on Ukrainian Leaders
I'm in almost daily contact with our apostolic leaders there. In fact, I've just literally come off a call today with them. They have been amazed and overwhelmed by the support and the love that we've been able to show them.

I was encouraging them and praying with them to stand in the evil day. Paul writes in a context of warfare, spiritual warfare in his case, that having done all, we can stand and that God gives grace daily to stand and they are daily finding his grace, they’re daily finding his strength.

It's been so difficult for them. It's been overwhelming, some have faith to stay and we applaud that. Some have faith to leave and we applaud that too. We're working on evacuation routes and we're really working hard to find ways to strengthen and encourage our family there.

Thank you!
Finally, once again just to say thank you so much for your support. Please keep doing that! Take a look at the website to find out more about how to do that: 

Please do continue to pray for them, they really do feel the weight of our prayers for them

Much love