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An Update from Brașov - Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

Read time: ~3 minutes

At the end of April, Graham Pyman from the ChristCentral Team went to spend the weekend with the Centrul Creștin Brașov [CCBv] (Christian Centre Brasov) a Newfrontiers church in Brasov, Romania. The purpose of the visit was to see the work they are doing with refugees from Ukraine.

Back in January, one of their leaders had a prophetic word about their building being used in an unexpected way, and within just a few weeks, Russia invaded Ukraine. There was a member of the church who had a link to a youth hockey team who were looking to get out of Ukraine. Could they come to Brasov and stay at the church building?

The building of CCBv is a work in progress. They have been building for the past 15 years or so, opening up parts of it as finances allowed. This would require a step change in the approach and would involve some significant change. Lifespring Church Horsham gave them an initial gift, as did Newfrontiers.

With this finance, toilets and showers were hastily installed and rooms started to be made ready for the arrivals. Flooring was bought, bunk beds were sourced, and bedding was generously given. Washing machines, a cooker and fridge were all purchased.

Further money has been made available to them from the Ukrainian Relief Fund, which is enabling them to make ready more rooms on the first floor. This will allow them to also host another youth sports team due to arrive in the coming days.

Building Update
The video below is an update from Graham showing the work that is taking place in the building in Brașov.

CCBv are currently hosting 44 Ukrainians, mostly from this youth hockey team. The group consists of the team, their coach and his family, some “hockey mums” (their phrase!) and additional relatives. Graham talked personally with one of the sports coaches, a couple of the young people and one of the mums. He says, “They tell a harrowing story of uncertainty and panic, of how people didn’t know what to do. They described the time when rockets started to hit homes in their neighbourhoods and how people hid in bunkers and bomb shelters, for days at a time. They talked about how people tried to leave the country to stay with friends or relatives abroad. And they spoke with much emotion about how grateful they were to find so many kind people who could help them in Brasov. They said they were very thankful for the support and very grateful to us also. They described their team as one big family and are happy to be able to be together in a place of safety.”

This church is doing an incredible work and it has given them both fresh links into the local community as well as new opportunities to express God’s love in a very practical way. The whole church is involved in this work and it has brought them together in a surprising way after being separated due to the COVID pandemic.

Video Updates
Here are two videos Andy Robinson recorded with the senior leaders of CCBv discussing some of the impact of the last few months and the way the church are working together. They share some of the stories of how the community around them is supporting the work they are doing with refugees.