Newfrontiers Ukraine News

Amid the horror of the past few months, as the situation in Ukraine has developed, we have been witnessing the beauty and wisdom of the global church in action. 

As local churches within Ukraine and in bordering countries have tirelessly served the needy, the wider Newfrontiers family has continued to express solidarity and support through prayer and financial generosity. 

We are so grateful to all who have given towards a fund which has reached well over £1m which is an amazing figure!  This fund will continue to enable relief efforts in the region both in the short and longer-term. 

As we are able to, the Newfrontiers comms team will be posting news from across our wider Newfrontiers family, in relation to this fund and the work that is taking place with refugees and displaced people both within Ukraine and in neighbouring nations. 

We hope to have regular updates from teams on the ground and apostolic leaders who are working with churches in Ukraine.

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