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The Team

John Davy
is from Gateway Leeds. John is a retired university lecturer, having worked at Leeds University, then in China at Kunming University and Beijing University. Now a voluntary staff worker at Gateway Church, he leads both Gateway’s environmental initiatives and ChristCentral’s CreationCall team, as well as campaigning on local and national issues.

Britta Graham-Hyde has an MSc in Sustainable Development from SOAS, London, and is passionate about environmental care as a means to fight global poverty and inequality. She has worked for a consultancy firm specialising in Social Return on Investment (SROI), helping organisations to think about the impacts of their operation beyond monetary profits, especially in terms of ecological and social outcomes. Currently, Britta is on maternity leave and is church-planting together with her husband Edd in the South West of Germany.

Dan Hill is from The Ark Huddersfield. Dan is a researcher and lecturer in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds. He has been researching climates for over 17 years. He uses computer models to investigate climate change over geological, archaeological, and future timescales. In 2010 he, and his wife Karen, moved to Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield, to help plant The Ark.

Karen Hill is from The Ark Huddersfield. Karen is passionate about the environment and has been involved in environmental initiatives since the early 1990s, when she was a teenager and attended a Tearfund event called “Whose Earth? God’s Earth”. Karen went on to study Environmental Engineering at university and now works as a water engineer. She also runs various recycling schemes and a gardening club at her sons’ school and is a big campaigner for Fairtrade. Recently she was appointed as a Commissioner for Kirklees Climate Commission and chairs the subcommittee on Natural Environment and Countryside

Tim Larner is part of Hope Church in Harrogate, and leads the church's team on environmental issues.  Tim spent a career in transport planning and was exposed at an early stage to the environmental problems linked with motorised transport.  He has grappled throughout his working life with the uncomfortable trade-offs between better transport promoting economic efficiency, meeting social needs, and protecting the environment.  More recently he has developed an interest in a low-energy buildings and the contribution of the planning system to sustainable living.

Paul Winstone is from Jubilee Church Teesside. He works as Interpret Technical Lead for Intertek plc working with mathematical models optimising the use of Crude Oil in refining. He is an engineer who enjoys life - things, people and ideas including calculations, processes, legal frameworks, family and friends. Director of two charities working for the marginalised. Lead of 'creative dance'. Being part of ChristCentral is like living inside TearFund; "climate change is either a serving suggestion or an emergency - if it's an emergency, as a steward, what am I going to do ...?"

Segun Odeyingbo is from ChristChurch, Blackpool. An expert in waste management, he has over 10 years experience in research and consultancy in Germany, Poland, Nigeria and the UK. Currently he works as an Energy and Environment Advisor for the East Lancs Chamber of Commerce and is about to complete a PhD in Environment Technology from Technical University Berlin.

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Associate members

Hannah Bowring (Tearfund)
Martin Charlesworth (ChristCentral School of Leadership)
Greg Le Roux (BREADtrust)
Helen Stephens (A Rocha)
Natalie Williams (Jubilee+)

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