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An Update from the leaders of Centrul Creștin Brașov (CCBv) in Brașov

Recently Andy Robinson from Lifespring church in Horsham sat down with two of the leaders of Centrul Creștin Brașov (CCBv), a church in Brasov Romania. Here's an account of their discussions.
A month before the Ukraine war started, during the weeks of prayer and fasting at Centrul Creștin Brașov, a few people had prophetic words about their church building. One was that their building was to be used for the unexpected, and the second was they would have lots of people from other nations in their building.
As the war started, the people at CCBv desperately wanted to do something as they saw the need of their community and city. However, they had no resources, and hardly any money, and their building was still waiting to be finished (they had an upstairs floor intended for offices and administration but this was still in the planning stages). They decided to take a step of faith. A small group of leaders met up and discussed what they could do, they decided to open it up to refugees. They welcomed 20 refugees as a step of faith. From then on, the floodgates of the heavens opened, and the resources started to come in, which was a massive miracle!
Then there were a few interesting situations that happened in the weeks after, which resulted in an entire boys hockey team (of around 40 people) staying in CCBv's building (as they had nowhere to be hosted). In the coming weeks, CCBv will receive a boys' volleyball team of 15 people, so that brings the current total to around 60 people staying in the church building. Already this fulfills the two prophecies CCBv received back in January!
The church and community have responded extremely well to this. They have come together to help with cooking, donating clothes, and lots of other work. Some of the young people started coming straight from school/college and helping out, which was such a blessing to witness. Despite this being such a horrific time, it has helped the church come closer together and helped the CCBv to have a massive voice and impact in their community. They have built relationships and connections with local people and organisations, which would have taken years to happen in normal circumstances. For example, the builders who are completing the church building, the young people of their community, and more.
CCBv made it clear how thankful they are to the Newfronter family for their help and prayers, and all that they have done is possible because of the support they have received from their brothers and sisters in Newfrontiers.

Video Updates
Here are two videos Andy Robinson recorded with the senior leaders of CCBv discussing some of the impacts of the last few months and the way the church is working together. They share some of the stories of how the community around them is supporting the work they are doing with refugees.