Ruth Coleman
Go Zambia 2016 - Update #2

So it's day 4 and a half of "Go Zambia 2016" and already you get the sense that this is more than just a trip, but that it’s the start of something bigger. Friendships have been formed, tears have been shed (from laughing don’t worry) and memories have been made - we’re not even halfway through!

We arrived in Zambia on Thursday evening without our suitcases and after only just managing to get on our last flight after our tickets had been mysteriously cancelled. Despite this, the team arrived full of energy and enthusiasm, ready for the start of an adventure! We got stuck into Zambian life straight away coping with cold showers and power cuts! We were finally reunited with our suitcases on Friday evening meaning that we could finally wash & change our clothes (we needed to) and feel like we could really get stuck into everything that was planned for this trip...

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