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Newday 2022 Prayer

As young people from across the country and the nations head off to Newday next week we thought we'd give you some ideas of things you can pray for!

As with many large events Newday hasn't taken place in person since summer 2019, so Newday 2022 has been a long time coming. 

Pray for:
* Salvation - for greater impact this year

* For all sorts of miracles and miraculous events throughout the week!

* Youth Alpha - is running on site again throughout the week, pray for those asking questions and those investigating more...

* For the noise of everyday life and the cares of this world to be turned down, in comparison to the presence of the Lord, that young people will leave feeling comfortable to be still and know that He is God, He is their Father, He is their Lord. 

* For all the teams (Newday One Team) hosting our young people: set up & take down teams, site team, safety team, accesibility team, welcome team, cafe teams, tech teams, speakers, etc. etc. (over 1,000 people make the event happen), that they would be blessed and hear God for this generation! 

* For God to enable the distractible to pay great attention. 

* For wonderful fellowship and great excitment at re-connecting with friends

* For revelation that inspires our young people to change their spiritual diet.

* For the energy for all our wonderful youth leaders

* That Newday would be a blessing to the local community

* Safety on the road and on site

* That the site would be protected from sickness bugs, COVID etc.

* For everyone attending to return with a deeper relationship with Jesus

* For a wonderful time of refreshing and encouragement

If you are able to serve during Newday and haven't signed up to do so, we'd love you to join the Newday One Team and support this fantastic event. 

Adapted from a post on the Jubilee Church Derby website