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In Conversation With...

A series of conversations that we had with leaders in various locations across the globe, hearing updates, sharing prayer requests, encouraging one another with stories. First shown at Devoted Leaders 2022.

David Adeji | Greetings From Bolivia (Download)
This video is introduced by Jeremy Simpkins who shares a bit of the vision for this mini series...

In Conversation With... Michael Akotia (Download)

In Conversation With... Josh Bye (Download)

In Coversation With... Joe Crummey & John Payne (Download)

In Conversation With... Tim Davies (Download)

In Conversation With... Nicky Gumbel (Download)

In Conversation With... Pepe (Download)

In Conversation With... Sam & Abi Little (Download)

In Conversation With... Joseph Mwila (Download)

In Conversation With... Angelo Okot (Download)

In Conversation With... Warren Stroup (Download)

Israel Lwitiko Mwankenja | Greetings from Tanzania
Israel leads Conquerors Worship Centre in Mbeya, Tanzania. He shared some updates from Tanzania including the exciting news that our School of Leadership training videos are being translated into Swahili (one of the local languages) so that he can train his leaders in their local language. This is such a massive breakthrough and a very exciting development. Unfortunately there was a recording error during his update which means we cannot show it to you at this time. We are hoping to record another update with him in the near future.