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The Branch

A new commentary on the New Testament by Michael Eaton called The Branch Exposition of the Bible, Volume 1: A Preacher’s Commentary of the New Testament.

MICHAEL A. EATON pastored pioneering, multi-ethnic churches in some of Africa’s biggest and most influential cities, including Nairobi, Johannesburg, and Lusaka, for 40 years. As a young man he sat under the teaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones at Westminster Chapel, a church he maintained a long-standing relationship with throughout his life. Michael’s doctorate was on the Christian and the Mosaic law. He lectured in theological institutions and had a vibrant preaching ministry in India, the UK, the United States and across Africa. Michael went to be with the Lord in 2017, before The Branch Exposition of the Bible reached publication
The book has endorsements from Terry Virgo, David Devenish, PJ Smyth, Guy Miller and Joel Edwards among others.
Terry said of the book, "I thank God for Eaton’s wholehearted determination to let the text speak for itself and to make it as accessible as possible to his readers. In this excellent volume we can all benefit from his insights and taste something of his passion for truth. May he continue speaking to future generations through these pages."
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You can find out more about the book here