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The Life You Never Expected

The Life You Never Expected
The Life You Never Expected by Andrew & Rachel Wilson
Sometimes you end up living the life you never expected. When Andrew and Rachel found out that one, and then both, of their children had severe autism, their world was turned on its head.

This is a book about surviving, and thriving, when something goes horribly wrong. It is a mixture of their story and God's story, and the way in which his has shaped theirs.

With clarity and biblical insight, they share their experience of grief and worship, struggle and hope. As well as reflecting on the specific challenges of raising children with additional needs, they speak to broader questions as well: the problem of suffering, building a marriage under pressure, fighting for joy and trusting in the goodness of God.

This is not just a book for families and friends of children with additional needs, but for all who have been thrown a curve ball in life, and need to know how to lament, worship, pray and hope.

Debra Reid, Tutor at Spurgeon's College, London (and mother of an adult autistic son)
"The authors write with disarming honesty and humour. In style their story is engaging and warm; in effect it is challenging. They offer practical and spiritual wisdom that gives help and hope to parents and families of autistic children but also to others whose lives have taken unexpected turns. Connections to my own story mean I have laughed and cried, but above all, I have celebrated the Christian gospel all over again."

Dr Emily Ackerman, author of 'Time to Care' and 'The Amazing Technicolour Pyjama Therapy'
"I have no idea how these hard-pressed parents found the time and energy to write this book, but I'm very glad they did. Here is a thoughtful and thought-provoking book which explores that important place where faith meets suffering. This well-written resource is full of kindness, humour and honesty. Although it will be helpful to parents of children with additional needs, there is wisdom here for anybody with trouble on their hands"

Michael Reeves, Director of Union and Senior Lecturer, Wales Evangelical School of Theology
"This is a poignant and delightfully forthright book, written by parents who are still clearly raw from their experiences. You'll find nothing glib or ivory tower here: here is hard-earned wisdom, biblical realism and winning sensitivity. Recommended for all in the throes of suffering, and for all who would comfort them."

"Some books are excellent; others are superb; a few- a very few- are extraordinary. Into this third category is catapulted this profoundly honest and totally engaging account of two parents working through the challenges of how to "do life" with their two young, beautiful, autistic children. It should be on the required reading list not only of anyone who has ever asked the question, "Why, God?", but also for all those who have ever simply looked into the far distance and whispered, very quietly, "Why?"

"So real. I laughed, I cried, I nodded in agreement and I sighed. Real and raw but with a God perceived. Thank you for writing this book."

"Wow wow wow just the book I needed to read. Its so honest, helpful and real"

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