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The Sexual Revolution

The Sexual Revolution - Thursday 30th and Friday 31st March 2023
Secular Relationship Culture and the Church's Mission - Online & In Person

In this strategic and vital two day event, we will be examining how the Sexual Revolution has had lasting effects on society - and how the Church might live out its mission in a new and fast changing relational landscape.

How did our society get to where we are?
What are the key challenges for the church?
Where do we go from here?

We will look at how the Sexual Revolution has impacted the family, working class communities, women, young people - and has also impacted our sense of sexual "identity". We will develop biblical and practical perspectives to help us navigate these complex issues.

Martin has invited three widely experienced speakers to join him to present this module:

Rosie Hopley: Founder and former CEO of the charity 'Beloved'
Sam Ward: Director of Ministry at the Message Trust, Manchester
Sophie Spital: Emmanuel Church, Brighton. Seminar speaker at Newday

Martin Charlesworth: Founder of the charity Jubilee+, the website Word Online and director of the ChristCentral School of Leadership

For more details and to book visit: https://cccw.onl/3UHF80Y