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Newday One Team

In summer 2022 Newday returned to the Norfolk Showground for what was a very special event after so many interruptions and we're doing it all again this summer from 31st July - 4th August 2023 (delegates leave 5th August).

So once again we're prepareing to gather thousands of teenagers to worship God and take the next steps in their relationship with Him.

Did you know it takes nearly 1,000 volunteers to make Newday happen - known as ‘One Team’! Why the name? Because we are a team of people, passionate about working together to see a generation won for Christ and walking closely with Him.

The Newday team becomes a bit like a family: providing spiritual mums, dads, brothers, sisters to the young people we are serving. 1 Corinthians 12 talks about us being one body, with many parts; and goes on to say that every part is essential to the Kingdom! Newday has a serving role to suit every gifting, skill and preference and we are passionate about seeing everyone bring what they have to serve and to see this amazing event take shape. 

We would love you to consider joining the Newday One Team. There are so many different areas that you can serve in from stewarding to welcome, catering to medics, carpentry to ministry teams.  More about how you could serve or for more information about teams and what to expect can be found here.

You can sign up for most of the above teams at bookings.newdaygeneration.org, but if you can’t see the team you’re looking for, or would like any further information, please email bookings@newdaygeneration.org: we would love to hear from you!

All team members will need to apply for a DBS through Newday (you can add an application to your booking during the process). You also have the option to purchase a Meal Ticket for £25, which will provide 2 meals a day for the duration of the week. (Setup and Set Down meals are included for those periods, if joining those teams).

Whether you are able to join us or not, we’d love you to stand with us in prayer for Newday 2022, and for the next generation!

Encourage people in your church to join the team and be part of it! Share the following message on your social media:

Newday (31st July - 4th August 2023) - join the amazing team of people who make Newday happen. All sorts of serving roles available. More details: https://cccw.onl/3bNnHdr