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MusicZone Needs Your Help!

MusicZone Needs Your Help!

MusicZone is Devoted 2016's exciting new festival venue, celebrating artists from across ChristCentral churches and beyond. Our marquee - complete with stage, lighting, full PA, and cafe style seating - will be right next to The Hub, and aims to make its presence heard across the site!

We've already recruited a number of acts, but we need more. THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN HELP! We're looking to recruit talented musicians and others who are planning to be at Devoted who would relish the opportunity to perform at MusicZone.

Whether it's vocal or instrumental; solo, a group, or a choir; a cappella, with instruments, a backing track, or a full band; classical, contemporary, gospel, blues, jazz, funk, soul, rock, electronica, rap, stand-up comedy ... if they're good, we want you to help us sign them up!

We will provide a house drum kit, keyboard, guitar amps, mics and fold-back. All we need is your recommendation, some names, a description of what they would like to perform, and a 30-45 minute set list. Some supporting media (e.g. YouTube clips) would be helpful, but is not essential.

Please contact phil.harman@yorkcitychurch.org.uk with your suggestions or for more information.