Energy Management Briefing

The current energy crisis impacts us all: individuals, households, business and churches. The purpose of this briefing is to help churches begin to tackle the issue of church premises energy use. The aim is to help churches discover how we can better conserve resources, manage energy use and reduce our carbon footprint.

Valuable contributions to earlier versions of this document have been made by a variety of churches both within and outside of our ChristCentral family. This document is produced for the use of churches within the ChristCentral family by the CreationCall team.

Churches across the nation will make use of premises in a wide variety of ways; anywhere from short term lets of specific venues to substantial long-term ownership. Some venues will be used once per week whilst others will be accessed throughout the week for a variety of purposes. With this in mind the way in which we approach energy use and management needs to be adjusted to each individual situation.

This isn’t an exhaustive or prescriptive list of instructions. It’s a briefing which is intended to enable local leadership or premises management teams to think about the types of premises they have access to and the way in which they are used. It will then help them to think through the implications of energy use, climate change and how we can, in each individual circumstance, reduce our collective carbon footprint.

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