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Straight To The Heart Series

You may be a pastor and want a resource which you could recommend to people in your church. May be you are simply looking to be inspired by and grow in your understanding of the Bible. Then the Straight To The Heart series may be for you! 

Phil Moore writes: "God inspired the Bible for a reason. He wants you to read it and let it change your life.”

Phil is based in London and for much of the last 10 yrs has been writing Bible commentaries. He recently completed a series which encompasses every book in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Straight To The Heart is a series of commentaries on the books of the Bible in the style of a devotional book. With each chapter around 4 pages long making it easy to read as a morning devotional, while commuting or during a lunch break.

They are books for people who don’t normally read commentaries and intended to give a good basis of understanding of each book in the Bible. They don't cover the whole of each book but rather focus in on some of the key sections, which form a useful introduction to the book/s in question.

The tone of the series is light, full of useful application and backed up by substantial scholarship.

To find out more and purchase the series or books included in it visit: https://cccw.onl/43rSmU6 

Phil MooreBio - Phil Moore
Phil came to faith as a student whilst at Cambridge University and trained as a leader within the Newfrontiers family of churches. He serves as a teacher, speaker, spiritual mentor and encourager of churches both in the UK and beyond.

After graduating, Phil spent time on the mission field and then in the business world. He has devoted many years to reading and understanding both the Hebrew and Greek scriptures and brings these to life in the “Straight To The Heart” series.

He has also authored a number of other books helping people discover the message of the Bible. He is a regular contributor to the ThinkTheology blog, to UCB Radio and other media streams.

Phil is married to Ruth and they have four young children. They love eating strange and exotic food, as well as anything to do with camper vans.

What others have said:
"Phil Moore has served us magnificently" - Terry Virgo

"Most commentaries are dull. These are alive. Most commentaries are for scholars. These are for you!" - Michael Green

"These notes are amazingly good ... Phil's insights are striking, original and fresh, going straight to the heart of the text and the reader!" - Greg Haslam

"Outstanding: biblical and passionate, clear and well-illustrated, simple and profound. God's Word comes to life as you read them." - Andrew Wilson

"Think of these books as the Bible's message distilled for everyone" - Adrian Warnock

"Fresh, solid, simple. Really good stuff" - RT Kendall

"I enjoy reading Phil Moore's books. He writes about Jesus and the Christian life with perception, wisdom and wit" - Nicky Gumbel

"A strong combiatino of faithful scholarship, clear explanation and deep insight make these an invaluable tool. I can't recommend them highly enough." - Gavin Calver