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Recommended Books June 2023

Here we list some of the books will be recommended at this years Devoted Leaders 2023. We hope you find these books helpful and encouraging as you grow and develop in leadership. The links here take you to Amazon but there are many other places you can purchase these books. A bookshop will be available at Devoted Leaders and there will be special offers on some of these books. These titles and many others will be avialable to purchase at the event.

Unleashed - Gavin & Anne Calver
The early church spread with remarkable speed, impelled by joy, urgency, profound compassion, and the day-to-day experience of working in the power of the Holy Spirit. Despite opposition at all levels, the first Christians expressed their love and wonder in acts of kindness, worship, and their eagerness to share the good news of the risen Jesus.

Gavin and Anne Calver explore what this extraordinary historical account means for believers today, including: The Holy Spirit in the life of the church; taking risks; living together in the power of the Spirit; works and wonders; hearing from God; responding to the call of God; miracles then and now. Buy now

1 Corinthians1 Corinthians For You - Andrew Wilson
The scope of 1 Corinthians is breathtaking. Paul tackles a huge variety of subjects, and as he does so, he gives us a precious insight into what a local church is (or at least can be).

As Andrew Wilson walks through this compelling, challenging epistle, you’ll see how grace looks in every Christian and how it can shape every church—even a church as flawed as the Corinthian one.

This expository guide is less academic than a traditional commentary and includes lots of application. It can be read from cover to cover, used in personal devotions, used to lead small group studies, or used for sermon preparation. Buy now

Where Is God In SufferingWhere is God in all the Suffering? - Amy Orr-Ewing
Making sense of evil and suffering.

Suffering and evil affect us all, both at a general level, as we look at a world filled with injustice, natural disasters, and poverty, and at a personal level, as we experience grief, pain, and unfairness. And how we think about and process the reality of pain is at the heart of why many people reject God.

Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing is no stranger to pain and gives a heartfelt yet academically rigorous examination of how different belief systems deal with the problem of pain. She explains the unique answer that is found in Christ and how he can give us hope in the reality of suffering.

This empathetic, easy-to-read, and powerful evangelistic book is good for both unbelievers and believers alike. It will help those hoping to answer one of lifes biggest questions as well as those who are either suffering personally or comforting others. Buy now

LeadiagramsLeadiagrams - Andy & Chris Frost - On Special Offer at Devoted Leaders 2023
In our visually based and time-poor culture, leaders need simple, shareable and globally applicable tools that will equip them in every sphere of life.

This book is crammed with fifty-two big and memorable ideas to help you thrive in your faith and lead effectively, whether in your community, your workplace or in Christian ministry. Brothers Andy and Chris Frost have brought together their combined forty years of Christian leadership experience in over twenty nations to share their own learnings, as well as wisdom from numerous thought leaders. With diagrams on emotional and spiritual health, theology, business and mission, this insightful book offers a year’s worth of weekly leadership learnings, to equip you to live and lead more like Jesus and to help others do the same. Buy now

RemakingRemaking The World - Andrew Wilson - On Special Offer at Devoted Leaders 2023 (Pre-Order)
How 7 Transformational Events in 1776 Paved the Way for Today’s Post-Christian West
With dizzying social transformations in everything from gender to social justice, it may seem like there’s never been a more tumultuous period in history. But a single year in the late 18th century saw a number of influential transformations―or even revolutions―that changed the social trajectory of the Western world. By understanding how those events influenced today’s cultural landscape, Christians can more effectively bear witness to God’s truth in a post-Christian age.

In Remaking the World, Andrew Wilson highlights 7 major developments from the year 1776―globalization, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the Great Enrichment, the American Revolution, the rise of post-Christianity, and the dawn of Romanticism―and explains their relevance to social changes happening today. Carefully examining key documents and historical figures, Wilson demonstrates how a monumental number of political, philosophical, economical, and industrial changes in the year of America’s founding shaped the modern West into a “WEIRDER” society: Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic, Ex-Christian, and Romantic. This thoroughly researched yet accessible book offers a unique historical perspective on modern views of family, government, religion, and morality―giving Christians the historical lens they need to understand today’s post-Christian trends and respond accordingly.

* Relevant Cultural and Historical Analysis: Skillfully connects key ideas and events from the past to the present
* Comprehensive: Examines important developments from 1776, including the American Revolution, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, Edward Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire; James Watt’s steam engine; Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations; and Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
* Informative: Covers key historical figures, including John Adams, Edmund Burke, and David Hume
* Biblical: Equips and encourages readers to share the gospel in a post-Christian world
* A Great Resource for Pastors, Scholars, and Readers of Carl Trueman’s The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self

Buy now

Why Trust The BibleWhy Trust The Bible - Amy Orr-Ewing
You don't honestly believe all that stuff in the Bible!' Challenged by her friends, and later as a student by theological teachers, Amy Orr-Ewing was determined to leave no stone unturned in her eagerness to prove that the Bible was unique and wholly reliable. Her passion drove her to complete an in-depth study of the answers to ten of the most frequently raised objections she encountered, including: 

* Isn't it all a matter of interpretation? 
* Can we know anything about history? 
* Are the original manuscripts reliable? 
* What about the canon? 
* What about other holy books? 
* Isn't the Bible sexist? 
* What about all the wars? 
* Isn't the Bible out of date on sex? 
* How can I know? 

Sensitively yet convincingly, the author addresses the issues and the arguments, showing that we have every reason to trust the Bible today. Buy now

Gender QualityGender Quality - Stefan Liston
Naked and unashamed.
The picture painted of the first man and woman is one of deeply harmonious beauty. Now we have gender wars, gender inequality and gender confusion.
Gender Quality is of course a play on words. What if there was something that included, but went beyond, equality, woven into our very design? A deep and satisfying unity and togetherness that can only be experienced as we wholeheartedly embraced our asymmetry as male and female.

Prepare to think deeply. Prepare to listen carefully. Prepare to ponder purposefully. We no longer have the luxury of ignoring this conversation; it matters too much for us and for our children.

This book explores two quite different perspectives on the matter of what God had in mind when making us as he did. Both need to be heard; maybe it's only in the hearing of both that we can find the unity and diversity that is the mark of so much spiritual truth. Buy now

Developing Female LeadersDeveloping Female Leaders - Kadi Cole
What would your church look like if it maximised the dormant gifts of the women God has brought there?
Discover how to develop and leverage the leadership abilities of women within your congregation.

Leadership and people development veteran Kadi Cole offers a practical strategy to help church and organisational leaders craft cultures that facilitate the development of women as volunteer and staff leaders.

In Developing Female Leaders, Cole shares eight easy-to-implement “best practices” that help accelerate a woman’s organizational contribution, such as:

* Seek to understand
* Clearly define what you believe
* Mine the marketplace
* Integrate spiritual formation and leadership development
* Be an “other”
* Create an environment of safety
* Upgrade your people practices
* Take on your culture

Combined with current research, thorough appendices and references add even more guidance for setting vision, milestones, and goals. Using interviews and surveys of more than one thousand women in key church and organisational roles, Developing Female Leaders is a one-of-a-kind resource for identifying what is missing today in your church to help it flourish in the future. Buy now