Matthew Maude
School of Leadership Review

Being on the School of Leadership course has far exceeded the applications of leadership and serving the church. It has also given me so much towards ‘living life’!

Each month, in God’s sovereignty, what we have studied about scripture or leadership skills has so often directly applied to the journey of growth that God is taking me on, and strengthened my relationship with Him. It has also influenced my marriage, my parenting, our family, my work, my passions and how I use my time. No area of life, has been outside the influence of God’s grace.

I can't even count the times when I've arrived in Sheffield exhausted and weary only to be uplifted by God's grace and His word. The revelations through scripture have literally challenged all areas of my life. This revelation is now a passion that I want to pass on to others, through biblical, accessible and relevant teaching, so that they too can see the valuable place that living with good biblical understanding brings.

We have been incredibly honoured to have this modelled to us so well, by Martin Charlesworth and other speakers. Through a passionate commitment to scriptural truth, Martin has graciously brought us on a journey of understanding and growth. He has imparted much to us through his gift of teaching and his compassionate heart.

In addition to the teaching sessions, the two days away represent a precious oasis to take time out and be with the new friends I’ve made from other churches. Some of the relationships formed are now very significant in my life, spurring me on, as we share the journey together. I know these relationships will last long after our time in Sheffield is over, and will continue to be used by God in my life.

So if the opportunity presents itself I could not recommend more highly that you go on School of Leadership! It has been foundational in my life, and the lives of countless others.


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