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GoZambia 2024

Where: Kitwe, Zambia
When: 2 weeks mid-July (including travel time)
Who: Joseph and Lillian Mwila and the GoZambia Team (primarily aimed at ages 17-25)
Cost: ~£1,500 (approx. subject to change)
Why: 1 Chronicles 16:24

"Declare his glory among the nations, his marvellous works among all the peoples!"

GoZambia 2024 is a fantastic opportunity to show God's love, make new friendships and grow in your relationship with God. The Team will take a discipling approach so you should expect to be positively challenged! Probable opportunities include:

* working with orphaned children on the Streetlife Project: primarily befriending and giving coaching for school work
* Serving the poorest children who live on the Compounds (townships) through a feeding program
* Encouraging and doing gospel outreach with local church youth
* Music, sport, crafts
* Sharing your testimony and sharing in Team devotional times
* Cultural visits

The UK team leader would work with Zambian hosts to manage practicalities and to ensure pastoral care.

There is good quality student style accommodation available to the team.

The fees would cover:
* Air Fare - the bulk of the amount
* Local Transport
* Accommodation (cost of utilities only) and food
* Spending and souvenirs
* Sightseeing: trip to Nsobe Game Park
* Salary for local Team host and contribution towards Team Leader's fees
* UK Admin and Oversight Staff costs

Here's what some of the team members have said about GoZambia in the past:

"This trip has been a learning curve for me as God has shown me more about my giftings and his plan for my life. Most of all I have learnt that God is in everything I do."

"Throughout this trip I have loved getting to know the girls and boys at the centres. It taught me that spending time building friendships and relationships is invaluable"

"My favourite thing was witnessing and experiencing the vibrant life and amazing talents to be found in the Zambian church..."

What Next?
Contact Sam: 07889 595320

Please initially email: gozambia@christcentralchurches.org or rob@gracecentre.org.uk with a brief profile of yourself (doesn't have to be long!) with details such as:

* Your age
* What you are currently doing in life
* What your involvement in your local church is
* Any previous experience of Zambia or similar nations (this is not a requirement)
* Why you are interested in the GoZambia Team