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Metamorphosis - Matt Hatch

Many of us want to grow and mature in our faith yet feel stuck or have plateaued spiritually. We long for a more meaningful spiritual life yet feel frustrated and exhausted at the lack of growth. We can feel disappointed and even guilty from our lack of progress. Or we’ve tried really hard yet seemingly failed to grow.

We can be left wondering, is transformation even possible?

With its inspiring blend of real-life stories, biblical wisdom and practical tools, Metamorphosis will help you move from spiritual stagnation to transformation and start your journey of healthy discipleship.

This book is full of humour, honesty, story-telling and practical tools that offer a wise route towards growth and maturity.

For the last 25 years, Matt Hatch has been helping people experience lasting character transformation through spiritual formation. In this ultimate discipleship guide, Matt will help you become a flourishing disciple of Jesus by unpacking:

• The real reasons you’ve not matured
• The power of renewing your mind and embracing your identity in Christ
• The non-negotiable mindsets of people who change
• Demystifies spiritual formation and offers practical help to the challenges you face
• How dealing with your past leads to fruitfulness in your future
• The power of small habits and rhythms that lead to lasting change
• Unlock principles that will help you become a disciple that makes disciples

Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned disciple, you can make a start towards your transformation journey.

You can by a copy here.

More About Matt
Matt Hatch is the founder and senior pastor of Mosaic, a multi-congregational church in Leeds, UK. He leads a Catalyst Hub team that starts and strengthens churches locally and globally. He is married to Philippa and has three adult children. He is a dark chocolate connoisseur and loves chopping wood. Catalyst are part of the Newfrontiers family of churches.

Others said:
"I have learned so much about discipleship, Christian habits and spiritual growth from Matt Hatch" - Andrew Wilson

"Matt has spent years doing what he is writing about. He shares the victories and failures with the utmost candour"David Stroud

"For many years Matt Hatch has been one of the leading voices in the UK on the conversation around intentional discipleship to Jesus." - Pete Hughes

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