Newday 2024

Newday is one of the largest Christian events for young people that takes place in the UK every year. Young people aged right through their teenage years and on into their early 20s join together from churches up and down the UK and Europe to learn about and worship God, camp out together and soak in the summer festival feeling, leaving Newday further along in their relationship with Jesus.

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Our nation desperately needs Jesus. That’s why, for most of the last two decades, the newday team have been working hard to bring their vision to life...

At newday we've had the privilege of seeing God do some incredible things in young people’s lives over the years: decisions to follow Christ, physical healings, deep hurts healed, questions answered, situations transformed, and lives equipped to live fully for Him.

Imagine what can happen when a generation of young people find their purpose in God and become an integral part of something bigger. A generation equipped and a nation transformed.

That’s why we want you to be a part of Newday. Together let’s rise up, take courage and do it.

We have jam-packed programme, this is what you can expect a day at Newday to look like:

8.15-9.00am Morning bible study
9.00-9.30am Prayer meeting
9.45-11.15am Separate morning meetings for 12-14s and 15-18s
11.30am-12.30pm Seminars on a wide range of topics, with more info released nearer the event
1.00pm-5.30pm Cafes and concourse open and sports competitions run
7.00pm-9.00pm Evening meeting
9.00pm-11.00pm Cafes open, live music, evening sports

please note that delegates depart 3rd August 2024

Calling all young Christians in the UK! Newday beckons, get ready to ignite your faith and fill your summer with a vibrant blend of worship, learning, and community. This annual festival gathers teenagers and young adults from across the nation, for 5 days together at the Norfolk Showground.

Imagine waking up to the buzz of fellow believers, sharing morning Bible study and prayer before diving into age-specific sessions tailored to your journey. Whether you're navigating the highs and lows of your early teens or grappling with the complexities of young adulthood, Newday provides a safe space for exploration and growth. Dive into insightful seminars on a range of topics, fuelling your spiritual life and expanding your understanding of faith.

But Newday isn't just about introspection. Get ready to soak in the festival atmosphere with, cafes, live music, and a bustling concourse and afternoons including energetic sports competitions and creative workshops. In the evenings the whole camp gathers together for dynamic worship & teaching in the big top, leaving hearts uplifted and spirits soaring.

Newday goes beyond the fun of simply being together. Countless testimonies speak of lives changed, faith deepened, and communities strengthened! Imagine discovering your purpose and witnessing the transformation of your peers around you as you gather with other young people from across the UK! Newday has been empowering generations of young Christians for almost 20 years, equipping them to become agents of positive change in their communities and beyond.

Join the movement be part of something bigger! Newday awaits, get ready to rewrite your summer story and ignite a lasting spark within you! Get it in your diary now: 29th July – 2nd August, 2024 (delegates leave on 3rd August) and experience the transformative power of this extraordinary event. Don't wait – book your spot at Newday today, book before the 31st January to get the early bird rate... 

The enemy wants to shame you. He wants to name you, but brothers and sisters, Christ has come to claim you, you belong to him!

Kemi, London

The best stories are not written yet, because they are still being lived!

Steve, Wolverhampton

Jesus says: come and follow religion? No! Come follow rules? No! He says come follow me!

Simon, Brighton