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This year at Devoted we launched the Creativity & Culture LifeZone which was seeking to explore the whole area of creativity & being culturally relevant. 

The LifeZone was open to all, whether right at the start of exploring creative gifts or well on the way, the focus was to encourage people to step out in their creative skills and abilities. 

These sessions looked at God's design for our creativity as well as exploring how we keep ourselves culturally relevant whilst remaining God glorifying. The sessions were a mix of theology, pratical tips and personal stories. 

The LifeZone was hosted by Jez Chalmers and he was ably assisted by Andy Kind. 

Jez Chalmers
Jez ChalmersJez works as a breakfast show presenter for a national Chrisitan radio station. He is also part of the core leadership team for Grace Church, based in Stoke on Trent, where he lives with his wife Bex, and their 3 small children. 

Andy Kind
Andy Kind
Andy Kind has been a professional comedian for 11 years and has travelled across the world making people laugh. As of March this year he is also the Warden and Creative Director of the Westood Christian Centre in the heart of the Colne Valley. His plan over the coming years is to use Westwood as a place to champion, equip and resource Christians within the Arts. 

You can listen to the first session below - if you would like to listen to them all please click here
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