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The Spirit-Filled Church
The Spirit Filled Church
By Terry Virgo
A lucid account of the function of the Spirit in the growth of the church. Through the history of God's people the constant element has been the presence of the Almighty. The baptism in the Holy Spirit, which so galvanized the young church, equipped and empowered the believers, boosting courage, fostering fluency and granting insights to ordinary men and women. Terry Virgo was baptized in the Holy Spirit as a young believer, and delighted in the experience. 'As we began to welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit, our church life was transformed,' he explains. 'The presence of the Holy Spirit changed everything.' As the Spirit moves, so there are healings, often dramatic. But there is more: a discovery of God's grace. As people discover grace for themselves a far more profound healing takes place, leading first to worship, then a recognition that we are a prophetic people.

Dr Wayne Grudem - Research Professor - Phoenix Seminary, Arizona, USA
"I am thankful to God for the faithful life and ministry of Terry Virgo"

Dr R.T. Kendall - Former Minister of Westminster Chapel
"The Spirit-Filled Church is "vintage Virog" - reflecting the godly mind of one of God's generals. It rings of Terry's innovative thining from cover to cover, a word designed to stimulate and teach us to think, to be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit, to seek God and glorify him. It could be the book for which Terry will be best remembered."

"Finally a book on the move of the Spirit that isn't flakey, extrabiblical, manipulative or experience driven. Terry Virgo has written a truly exceptional book that is biblically sound, doctrinally consistent, and easily understood. I predict this is going to have a huge impact on the Western church in bringing it forward to a healthier understanding on not just the persons of the Trinity but the function of the Trinity today."--Bob Roberts, Jr., Senior Pastor NorthWood Church

"Because the Holy Spirit initiated our Christian lives, and birthed the Church, we need Him to complete the task. We must go beyond a mere theological acceptance of His work and pursue His power today. This book contains a biblical model of the church, and whether you are charismatic or not it is well worth a read.

This is a radical book that may demolish many of your current beliefs about the church. Its author has been convinced for decades that the church can resemble the model described in Acts. These are not the untested ideas of a young man who thinks he has all the answers. Terry Virgo has devoted his life to embracing both the Spirit's power and the rock-solid foundation of the Scriptures. He founded a global movement of over 800 vibrant, grace-rooted, Spirit- filled churches in more than 60 nations, and on every continent.

All over the world in spontaneous groups that are often unaware of each other, people are embracing similar ideas. The growing global church is very conscious of being Spirit-filled. If you live where the power of evil spirits is very evident, you need a God who is alive and active. As cultural Christianity recedes, it is not just secularism that is seeking to replace it. Many in the West are seeking spiritual reality. Will they find it in your church? Or will they reject Christianity as powerless and search elsewhere? " - Adrian Warnock

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