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Glory Kids

Glory Kids Conference
Catching God's perspective for your Children's Ministry
3rd - 4th March 2017 - Horsham

Happy New Year!

The team are really looking forward to Glory Kids 2017 - a conference for children’s workers and those who oversee children's ministry. This is going to be a great opportunity to be refreshed, encouraged and inspired.

Don’t miss out on the early bird tickets available until 15th January. Why not come as a team and benefit from our early bird group tickets?

This is what some of our previous delegates have said about Glory Kids:
"The Holy Spirit was so moving so intensely. There was such a joy of heaven in the room…. Very cool." Melody

"It was a powerful time and reignited a fire in me for Jesus that I pray will keep burning brightly!" Kathryn

"The start of something awesome!" Liz

"Lots of ideas, encounters, God time and a chance to put our vision in God's hands once again." Sally

"I can’t wait to experience with our children what I experienced this weekend I’ve been bouncing around all week." Laura

"Glory Kids would easily make it into my top 5 conferences that I have ever been to." Ben

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Why not forward this article on to the person who is responsible for you children's ministry and anyone else who might be interested in attending - thank you!